Thursday, March 12, 2009

So you can know him too

My brother, William Kyle , was born September 6th in the year 1982. He was 2 years and 9 months to the day younger than me. He had hair so blond it was almost white back then. I didnt like him one bit, in fact i cried because my mom wouldnt let me have the black baby girl beside him in the nursery. The next few years our parents fell on hard times, our parents divorced and our mom wasnt around much and our father had spilt town for a while. I took care of my brother many nights alone. I cooked for us and got us ready for school. We fought like most kids ALOT... But we had a bond that you wouldnt believe. He made jokes.. that was his speciality ... and he made everyone in the room feel like a star. He had a thousand friends. He loved his mom and me. We spoke EVERYDAY. His smile was electric, his laugh contagious. He was a lover of women that is for sure. I can hear him from time to time saying i love you sis, I miss that voice. I miss that smile. There is no way i could ever tell anyway how great he was that didnt know him. Just know he was a true angel on earth and he was only here for 23 years.. He was Magic, special, one of a kind. He was a true salesman. He could BS his way out of anything and he was a the #1 salesmans of the year at his company. He has been gone since July 13, 2006. He though he was invincable but he wasn't. He wasn't magic, He was just your regular guy who came and went in the blink of an eye it seems. Some days i forget all about him and some days he is the only thing on my mind. I think about what i would have done differently if i had only known and honestly the answer is nothing. We loved each other and both knew how important we where to each other. Anyways just wanted to share

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Maddie's Mom said...

Thank you for sharing. Your words paint a beautiful picture of your brother and the love you both share for each other.