Saturday, May 16, 2009

ok so

i was going to make my blog private but i have decided not too... if you have read my blog EVER you know that my fosters are great kids and i love them very much. They are going to go back with their BM and i am so happy for them. I have never sent a child away for not fitting into my family.The agency we are going though KNOWS we are wanting to do foster to adopt.
Yes i want to be a mother. You can not fault me for that. But that doesnt mean i am trying to steal kids. The sad truth is there are thousands of kids in the country that need a permanent home and i will be here to provide one.

Ok girls if i offended anyone by saying anyone can give birth but it takes a real woman to be a mother i am sorry that was wrong to say ... as i cant conceive myself lol..

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Brandy said...

Hon... you know just as well as I do that anybody can give birth but not everybody is cut out to be a Mom.
I'm a prime example of that.
I was lucky in the aspect that I wasnt put into the foster system as I was adopted by family.
My birth parents were 16 (mom) & 18 (dad).. neither of them could keep a job, my Dad was on drugs and both of them were neglectful towards me.
I was adopted when I was 6 months old. DHS (our CPS) was on the verge of taking me out of their home when my grandmother stepped up and took me and adopted me.
If it wasnt for her... I could've very well been bounced from foster home to foster home.

What you are doing for this children is absolutely amazing.
You are very selfless in caring for and loving children unconditionally that you know will go back to the BM.
You will be blessed with a child... weather being born of your body or by someone elses... and it will be YOUR child.

I wonder what this 'Brenda' person thinks about surrogate Mothers? Should all these surrogate babies be returned back to the "mother" that gave birth to them?
Yeah, that makes alot of sense.

To me she just seems like a very bitter and psychotic person ... which I guess being bitter is natural for anybody that has had their children taken from them.
Yes, there are some children out there that have been taken from the home for b.s. untrue reasons.
However, MOST of the children taken out of the home...should've been taken ALOT sooner!

So... think on this.
If you were a child who has been molested, beaten, starved, etc etc. Do you think you would want to be put back into that type of environment ..or would you want to be raised in a loving nurturing home?
Hmmm lemme see