Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sorry for my absence

We have been having a great time with the kiddos...i will post some pictures on my next post I PROMISE... just havent uploaded them yet.

First of all the kids started swimming lessons...Lizzie Lou is a natural. She was afraid of water at first but today she jumped off the driving board... I am so proud of her. She is a wondeful joy in my life. We favor alot too so that rocks. She loves to play with her pet Genny. She carries this guiena pig around like a baby, dresses him up, makes him tents to sleep in. She makes a new friend everyday we go swimming and she gets along well with most people. She shares information a little too freely but that is something we will work on.

My boy Bubba does whatever he wants whenever he wants. He is free spirit but very loving. He says sweet things like i love you mamma cause you are so nice. He is very smart and will be starting kindergarden which he is beyond excited about. He has a few developmental delays but nothing that he will not overcome. He does not like swimming in deep water at all. He Loves my husband more than anything in the world, In fact he got a haircut JUST LIKE DADDY'S lol... He is very funny.. if i say something like aww i need a nap.. he will say NO you are just kidding...

I was told today that i seem so relaxed with these kids and i took that as a great compliment. These kids are mine, hopefully forever. I couldn't love them more if i had birthed them.
They can be trying but at the end of the day i know that it is all worth it..

And on a side note... they want a baby sister or brother LOL...i hope we can do that for them.


Melissa said...

Sounds like you are a natural but we already knew that! So glad that you found your kids. Hope the kids gets their wish for a sibling. Sounds like you are having fun!

Nichole said...

That's great that things are going so well with them! Can't wait to see the pics :)

Tricia said...

mine starts kindergarten to next month and he is scared but I know he will like it =) I can't wait to see pics =)