Sunday, October 4, 2009


We are all moved our of our townhouse and into our first ever home!!!! I will post pictures this week.

Still waiting to adopt our 2 beautiful children...

We are 1 day into the 2 Week wait and hoping this is the one.

thats about it.


HC said...

Good Luck in the 2ww. I left you a Kreativ Blogger award over at my blog.

Lin said...

Congrats on the home! That's so exciting! Not sure exactly what you're husband (and by virtue you) is dealing with, but it sounds somewhat similar to ours. My DH suffers from depression and anxiety and the endless meds roller coaster that ensues. You're so right...difficult, but so worth it to be married to your best friend. That's what "in sickness and in health" is all about, huh?