Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving always brings found memories for me... we had great feast at my Mimis.. The whole family showed up. It was so wonderful and this year i will not be there.. i will be at home.. throwing my own Thanksgiving here..i will be going to see my family for Christmas another tradition...
There are so many things i am thankful for. I am Thankful my husbands returned safety for Iraq 2 times... I am Thankful that 2 wonderful children came into my life and now i get to adopt them. I am Thankful for be growing my own 2 turkeys in my belly this thanksgiving after trying for so many years... I am VERY THANKFUL to have a home and enough food in my belly and enough money to pay our bills. I am Thankful to have a wonderful family who supports me.. I am Thankful to have had the worlds best brother for the 23 short years i got to have him.

I am Thankful to wake up every morning and to sleep in a warm bed every night. I am Thankful i am able to help children who haven't had the same safety and love i have known my whole life.

I am most Thankful to have a place in this world that i belong. People who Love me and kids to kiss goodnight..laughing during the day and a Hero for a Hubby.

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Tricia said...

what a wonderful post!