Thursday, May 12, 2011

June 14th

Thats my finalizaton date. Over 2 years after my met my kids i finally will be adopting them. Ive had people say be sure this is what you want or wow your son is difficult are you sure you want him forever. Seriously , i couldnt imagine my life with them. I love them and they bring me joy. They have a since of belonging here, something they ahve never known. For the first time in my sons life he is understood and treated like a memeber of a family and not just a hard kid. Whatever life throws at us we are ready.
That being said, We are closing our foster care license. It is taxing to be a foster parent and while i still have a room in my house for another child i cannot deal with the system anymore. Maybe in the future we will change our mind but we have a full plate at this time.
Our children where deemed children in need of care in March of 2006. My son was 18 months and my daughter was 3.
This is a pretty open and shut case with 1 parent in prison and the other never following her case plan.
My children are almost 7 and almost 9 now.
6 years to find a family.
SIX YEARS. and they have been with us for 2... and the paperwork took all that time to finish.

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