Sunday, May 1, 2011

life here

I pretty much love the city will live in but havent made many friends. or any. i was doing a fitness bootcamp i loved but quit because 445 is early to get up. trying to find something else that will fit into my schedule better.
Like i said in my update i had a horrible case of PPD. i didnt leave the house for months and didnt find joy in much. Some people tryed to say diet and exercise and i'd snap out of it, but i didnt. Finally i got some anti depressants and i am feeling better.
The boys will be 11 months old Tuesday. I have no idea where the time went. The do it all, crawl, stand up, they have teeth, Rex will not sleep though the night, but other than that life is good with them. They are very happy babies. However they are clingy to mom so i am starting to look into a PDO program for them.
DJ has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. We are receiving tons of support now THANKFULLY but he is still difficult. Thankfully we have plans in place that work.
Lulu is still her normal self. TALKS all the time and about nothing at all. I once didnt say anything back to her and she talked for an hour and half straight.
Hubs is waiting for orders to move. They were suppose to come 8 months ago, the waiting is stressing me out.
SIL is preggo again. I am happy for them. Yep i said it, not sad, not upset, Happy lol.
I dont know if we are done trying to have a baby but we arent trying right now.
I've missed blogging, how sad is that.

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Mothering4Money said...

I'm happy you are blogging again. You were missed. Sorry you had to experience postpartum depression. It sucks. Glad you are better now.