Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8 things

Eight things I am looking forward to:

1 Next Wednesday

2. meetin my new niece in a few weeks, she is born but i havent got to hold her yet

3. Being called “mommy”

4. my husband going OCS

5. getting my hair done friday

6. my birthday trip to vegas

7. starting treatment again in july

8. meeting my husbands aunt finally

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Made dinner

2. went to power play

3.took a nap

4.had pizza

5. went to hobby lobby mall cop

7.went to blockbuster

8. called our caseworker

Eight things I wish I could do:

1. Get pregnant from sex.<- ditto

2. go to the store ALONE

3. speak spanish

4. knit

5. paint a doctor

7. cut out caffeine

8. bring my brother back from heaven

Eight shows I watch:

1. clean house


3. law and order

4. king of the hill

5. still standing

6. american dad

7. desperate housewives

8.mystery diagnose

Eight favorite fruits:

1. apples

2. bananas

3. Blueberries

4. Grapes

5. strawberries

6. honeydew

7. cantaloupe

8. watermelon

Eight places I’d like to travel:

1. scotland


3. paris

4. Colorado

5. new york

6. rome

7. south Carolina

8. Africa

Eight places I’ve lived:


white oak,tx

killeen, tx


harker heights, tx


overland park,ks

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