Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I woke up this morning to the news that Corey Hiem died this morning of a drug overdose..

Makes me sick..literally..Heath ledger died the same way. And there is one name you may not know. Kyle Mayfield. My sweet and funny little brother. I do not know what demons plagued these young men. I do not know what demons my brother had. I did however know he took pills to relax. I know people who gave him pills and that was fine because so and so does pills and nothing happened to him. My brother was not a guy you would see on the street and think i better move to the other side.. He was very likeable and had 100s of friends. He was a ray of light. He was a top saleman at his company and made alot of money..probaly too much for a kid of 23.
Everytime i see another hollywood type die of this same thing it brings back my pain. I am MAD at him. What made him think he could do that to me. What made him think i was strong enough to pick up the pieces he left of our broken mother. I am MAD he will never meet these 2 beautiful children i have now and the 2 little boys i have in my womb. In july he will have been gone for 4 years. Do i miss him yes. Do i have any respect for him NO..i hope i can use his story to sway my kids from using drugs. Them maybe his death will have meant something. Maybe he was meant to die young. I just wish it would have come in a different way.

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Tricia said...

I feel your sorrow! The pain never goes away just hides until it is triggered again. So sorry =(