Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of spring.

It snowed...5 inches...what the heck...the kids have been on spring break and Dj has been sick and it looks as if he may be starting to get better. His allegeries are kicking is little rear end.. We have made an interesting discovery around here...The children didnt know how to blow their nose and often would wipe their nose nuggets on the walls and mirrors and blankets in thier was totally GROSS and totally unacceptable. I had them bring down thier bedding and put it in the washer..(they are still to small to do laundry per se...and then made them scrub down the walls and mirrors in thier rooms and the bathroom...this was 3 days ago..they havent had any more boog problems since then..they have figured what to do with boogs now.. The kids have had pretty good behavior during spring break which has been nice..
On the pregnancy front i am 26 weeks along and feel tired and huge...and i cant breathe or sleep..its difficult to walk up stairs or uphill..i find myself taking kids to places to go play like mcds playland or the bounce land here...or skating..i find myself resting more and more. I feel kind of like a bad mom because i know i am not as fun right now..we did take the kids to dinsey on ice and they LOVED it..My daughter asked if i would play with them when i wasnt fat anymore..and i wanted to say of course sweetheart..but in truth i just dont know..i will have 2 newborns and be just as tired as i am now and sadly the kids that can do for themselves will fall down the list some. The kiddos are going to Ycare for the summer so they will ahve some fun stuff to do. My mom has volunteered to take the kids to the pool on her days they will love that..

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