Tuesday, April 20, 2010


He did well at school. He did ok after school. He got in major trouble for petting a lady... (he pets people like they are dogs)....we went to the farm and the kiddos had a blast, i enjoyed it alot but the walking was AWFUL. The pregnancy is kicking my butt. 5 or 6 weeks until my sweet little men are here. I go for an ultrasound tomorrow and i get to see them. Hopefully tomorrow i will get my c section date. These boys are coming if i am ready or not. But i think i might be ready. I cannot wait to meet my sons. We tried for so many years to conceive them. We prayed for them.. We suffered aweful terrible losses. We cryed. We loved. We made other plans. We fell in love with 2 children and began the process of adoption and them we where double blessed. We love all our children but cannot wait to meet little Max and Rex. We love them so much already. We sit in bed at night and watch them move..We give them music to listen too. We read them stories. We are so blessed. I give thanks everyday for the blessing i have. I love my husband and he respects me and loves me too. One day when i am sleep deprivated i will go back and read this post and rememeber writing it. I know caring for 4 children will be difficult. But I am ready for the challenge!

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Kerry said...

You will do an amazing job raising Max and Rex just like you are doing an amazing job with the other two. All four are an amazing blessing.