Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I hope things will get good again.

Dj has regressed. We are back to the Dj from 5 months ago. I believe he must have forgotten what was acceptable here when he went to respite care for the weeekend, that was a little over a week ago. He whines for things and is misbehaving at school. I have gotten my mean mom hat back out. I have to remind him of the rules all the time.No yelling DJ, No running in the house DJ, No hitting your sister, Be quite and still in class DJ. I hope this is coming to an end. I am sure he will go back to the way he use to be but when is the question. We are going to a farm this afternoon and i hope the kids have a good time. I am hopeful he will be well behaved there. I thought maybe it was just me being pregnant and moody. However my husband and i where talking about it yesterday and he has noticed a HUGE change in DJ behavior. TOday will be better. TOday is going to be better! Today he is going to behave at school. A girl can hope.

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Kerry said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts.