Wednesday, April 14, 2010

its a balance for sure

It seems like when things are good for DJ they are bad for Lele...Lele craves being heard all the time..she will talk for hours about nonesence and i m expected to have a response everytime...and i dont..She is a bully to DJ in the way tht she must tell him want he can do and what he does and doesnt like. He doesnt get his own choice.. This summer DJ is going to Ymca care...and Lele is not..i think being apart will do them good.Lele is going to camp one for foster kids and one for girlscouts..i hope they can learn to be indiviuals i guess... Dj has been doing well and hasnt had any tantrums in few months, he is learning how to be a memeber of this family. He is having a hard time being 5, he acts t the level of maybe a 3 year year old. But i am glad the tantrums are gone.

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Kerry said...

Aww I'm sorry Misty. I hope that being away from each other will help out. Growing up my dad would always tell me what I liked and didn't like... even if he was way wrong and that did damage to me. I hope that you can help Lele learn how to control that. I'm praying for you guys that God will provide you with a way to handle this.