Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy for my kids..

Yesterday was the final parental right severence hearing. The birth mother had signed over rights a few months ago so this hearing was just for the biological father. He did not show up to court (he had not shown up for any hearing so no big surprise. He had never completed any tasks to get the children back. He had never seem his son and last saw his daughter 6 years ago...Still i was afraid that he may be given more time get his children back.

The caseworker told the court yesterday that Dj and Lulu had been in the system for 49 months and 19 days.

All they want is a family. All they want are parents that love them. All they want is a home that doesnt change thier mind and send them away. They DESERVE that.

The judge agreed. The judge terminated the birth father rights. My eyes filled up with tears. 6 months until our adoption will be final!

I am sad my kids did not know the stabilty from the day they where born. I am sad for everything my children have seen and know. I am sad they birth parents couldnt pull it together to get them back. As happy as i am to have these children it hurts that thier life was put into so much termoil for so long.


Nichole said...

Great news :) They do deserve it!

Kerry said...

It is sad that they had to go through that. But focus on yesterday being the first day of the rest of their lives. You can provide that stable home for them and you love them. Awesome news for your family.

Maddie's Mom said...

I thank God that they have been blessed to finally get that forever family that will always love and never leave them.