Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lulu is afraid...she is afraid of driving by..wind..rain..being alone..being around people..eating food she has never name it she is afraid of it.

The past few days she is waking up in the middle on the night and coming into my room.

The first time she was afraid of the wind blowing...the second time she heard cars squeaking on the road..the next time is was because she heard strangers walking in the house...

This just started..i dont know what to do.. i dont know what the real problem is..maybe its the baby coming..maybe its the adoption...maybe its she is going to a new school next year..i just dont know..i do know she needs to stay in her own room at night so i havent given into her sleeping on the floor in our room...i just wish i knew what would help her.
Talked to her therapist and she told Lulu to make a plan on what to do if she got scared..
One was turn on the lamp in her room...
another was think about fun times she has had or plans on having in the future..
another was practice breathing
(there are more but these are ones for nightime)
SHe refuses to even try these..all she wants is to sleep in our room. But i am not starting that.

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danielle said...

It may be just a phase she's going through. I think the suggestions for what she can do are great. Just keep reassuring her that nothing bad is going to happen. That you all are going to keep her safe no matter what.