Monday, May 24, 2010

you make me MAD

this is a vent post...REALLY...i am married been married for many years..always played second to my husbands always comes first...ALWAYS...last night i went to the hospital..i am swollen up like the stay puff marshmellow man from ghostbusters and my babies where not moving...i was was midnight called the dr and she said come and we will check you thats what we did...well the swelling was not a sign of pre eclampsia THANK GOODNESS and the babies where fine..but i am to take it easy and stay in bed and relax for a few days...well i asked hubs to pick the kids up from school which he couldnt do for no other reason than he didnt think i would need him too and then i asked him to bring us donner because i can barely walk and he ignored my text and phone calls...i am mad..i just want help..and for once i wanna be first.

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Mothering4Money said...

Married to the military. Sucks sometimes doesn't it. Hope he is helping now that the new babies have arrived.