Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last appointment today

Today is my last prenatal appointment..40 weeks ago i didnt think i would ever get pregnant..much less with twins...we tired for over 6 years to have these babies..and we love them with all our a week and a day this time i will be gettting ready for my csection.

My life has been so blessed this year.
I have 2 beautiful children that we are in the process of adopting...i have had a healthy and sucessful twin pregnancy..
My husband has been in the states all year without any field or training time!!!
Letter to my boys,
One day years ago i looked at daddy and said lets have a baby..and he said sure thing..
We tried and tried. And we thought we had sucess a few times but it turns out we didnt. We where heartbroken
We kept trying because we wanted you so badly. Mama had lots of medical stuff done to her..and finaly she found a wonderful doctor to help her.
Then one day the doctor was ready to move on and try something but mama said NO.
She said lets give this one more try..
Daddy and Mama didnt know if this would be the time it worked or not.
We waited and waited for what seemed like forever to find out. When testing day came Mama was so sure it would just be another failure. But she was wrong. 2 lines popped up right away.
I called Daddy and he said go get bloodwork and i did..and it turned out positive as well.
Daddy and Mama where so excited. We were gonna have a baby..we waited and waited and waited and finally had an appointment to see you...and SUPRISE...we had 2 babies..I cryed..daddy cryed..the doctor cryed...everyone was so happy.
I cannot wait to hold you and kiss you..
Love you.

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