Tuesday, July 6, 2010

days run together.

Days run together..Babies..feeding...kids getting in trouble for hitting...making dinner...did i get a shower??? have i brushed my teeth ??..we have had visitors and the boys are now spoiled and scream when they arent being held..Feeding is going better than i thought it ever would...i never believed i could breastfeed 2 babies at once.. they are growing.. they look bigger..thier newborn pjs dont fit anymore they are way to short..both boys seem tall. They are happy and Max is the most alert baby i have ever seen. Rex is my snuggle bug he loves to cuddle with me... Lulu is having a hard time because she wants to mother the babies more than i would like. She has told people she takes care of Max because i cant. She is mad she cant feed them or change them or pick them up by herself.. She tells me she knows how and we did go to a sib class but i just am not going to let her pick up the babies. The other day she tired to carry Rexs carseat with him in it.. I cannot turn my back for one minute. Dj is adjusting good to the babies. Maybe thats because he goes to Dayschool. Maybe thats because he is a boy and doesnt care much about babies. We havent been swimming this summer. We have had lots of guest and i finally starting to get tired.. We are doing our homestudy now..Our adoption should be final in 4 months or less.

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Mothering4Money said...

Have you tried getting Lulu to sit down with a baby doll while you are tending to the new babies? My kids had a similar reaction to BabyGirl. BabyBoy would sit in her infant seat with baby in it, and The Daughter wanted to pick her up and help feed and change her. I redirected them both to caring for their dolls and it seemed to help. Of course I let them help me with little things like retrieving a diaper, putting the dirty diaper in the trash, helping pat her back to get her to burp, reading books to her, etc. I also try to stagger their bedtime so that I can spend one-on-one time with each kid which seems to help them not feel so jealous of each other. Of course you are still in the sleepless phase and probably don't have time or energy to do anything more than the basics. Enjoy that newborn smell x 2 and the rest will work itself out in the long run. Congrats again. I am so happy for you! xoxo