Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every year

mom and rex

mom and max

Every year July 13 comes...and for the past 4 years it has been a no good rotten day. 4 years ago today my brother died. My mom is still a basket case on a good day.. Life hasnt been the same of course.

The boys are growing like weeds they are both pushing 8 pounds...i think they are growing up WAY to fast..

I havent been living life since we moved. I havent made an effort to make friends or do things BUT that is ending. I went out for ice cream with some ladies and had a great time and i went out to a moms group this morning!!!

Hubs is changing jobs.

Hopefully we can stay here so making friends isnt a bust..


Tricia said...

thinking about you today!!!!

Kerry said...

I'm sorry about your loss.

I'm glad your going out. Cherish your little ones.