Monday, August 2, 2010

losing the baby weight

so since the wonder twins came home from the hospital i have lost...drum roll please.....59 POUNDS!!!! OK OK OK...well 47 of that came off in the 4 weeks after the boys where born and i have lost 11 in the past 4 weeks doing weight watchers and the past 2 weeks i have be able to exercise...its kind of nice to workout everyday..i do ALOT for the house, kids, hubs, mom,..i like that i get to take 30 minutes for me...i plan to be 170 by my birthday..which is in the first of december.. when i get to my goal of 140 my hubs says he is gonna buy me a coach bag that i want!!! WOOHOO...yesterday the hubs bought me an exercise bike and it kicks my ass!!! I feel better since i started working out. I love losing the weight..i love that the pants i bought after my twins where born feel off today...i am still heavier than when i got pregnant but i am trying.


Nichole said...

congrats, that's awesome!!

Kerry said...

What are you doing to loose weight?