Thursday, June 23, 2011


my PPD has taken hold and life sucks right now.. its a fight to get out of bed. then its a fight to get off the couch and its a fight to make dinner and play with the twins or go outside. this is TERRIBLE. i am on anti depressants but hell this sucks.. i have a short fuse now... everything is so messed up... ugh.


Love said...

it will get better. i promise :) love you!!!

danielle said...

Call your dr and have them increase your dosage or change your meds. There are too many good anti-depressants to take one that doesn't work for you! I suggest Pristiq. I LOVED the way it worked for me.

Mothering4Money said...

Oh dear, I hate that it's rearing its ugly head again. You know those of us who struggle with fertility issues and such, should just get a free pass on the hormonal hell that is PPD, but alas we don't. It sucks. It's not fair. And it is so fucking isolating.

Have you talked to your doctor about maybe making a med change? I can't remember if you said what medication you are taking, but I have a friend whose daughter is taking Prozac for her PPD right now and it is helping. She was breast feeding and had to go to the hospital so the kids had to suddenly switch to the bottle. Of course that was upsetting for her, but she is okay now (was suicidal before).

Please know you are not alone. There may not be many people who get it in your daily life, but seek out PPD support groups either locally or online. I know it is hard to deal with the mental fog and keep up with the twins plus manage the older kid's special needs. You are an amazing mom! Please take care of yourself.

Keep us updated as you are able.

Wifey said...

I don't know anything about PPD but I do know depression. When I was at my worst I couldn't get out of bed, or off the couch and cooking was the farthest thing from my mind. Have you talked to a therapist? It really helped me.