Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Been awhile

Wow it's been a while... So here I am again.. Let's see , I moved into my own place with the kids abd we keeping on. The boys are huge and funny and smart and loving. Lili is a great help and becoming quite the little lady . She and I are in a mother daughter
vacation !!! Cash regressed .. Hard and bad after the split. His behavior became dangerous for the twins. He is living with his dad now..
Each day gets better, I had an extremely hard time coming to terms with the fact that the family I wanted was in fact not the family I would have.
My inlaws have totally forget my children which is fine because I love my kids and they know they are loved.
Any one else addicted to pinterest ???
We are crafting , trying new foods, and living organized lol..

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Christian Bryant said...

Misty, you have been on my mind for years literally. Please send me an email or somehow I can reconnect with you. I know that GOD would bless you with children, you are an excellent MOTHER!!!!