Friday, July 15, 2011

the state of affairs

he has been doing this for over 2 years. It makes me want to literally vomit to think about it. i have changed my focus from trying to repair our damaged marriage to making me a better person mentally and physically. I joined a gym with child care and go 90 minutes everyday. FOR ME. I make meals i want to eat, I go places i want to go, and i spend money on things i want to buy. Maybe one day ill forgive him but it will not be today. We are in the same house at the moment. We are trying to figure this out. Hopefully things he will change for the better. But thats fine it not..


Love said...

you are so much stronger than me. i would not have been able to stay after finding out that it had gone on for that long. BUT...i'm proud of you and you have my 100% support for what YOU need to do. i love you, girl.

Nichole said...

So sorry to hear what is going on :( I hope things have improved since your last post.